I need to know what is the minimum amount of world-building I can get away with, in order to tell my story.

r/worldbuilding is one of my favourite subs, and I'm in awe of people who can literally chart the creation myth of their world, through to the great wars, the ecological disasters, the currency fluctuations etc.

But in trying to make my world feel REAL (like the world builders do) I find my actual enthusiasm for my story and characters wane.

I want my story to take place within an aesthetic that excites me, which seems to be a post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk kind of world… shanty towns and neon lights, samaurai swords and rusted cyborgs. I want my protagonist to wonder through the world, getting into various adventures and mishaps along the way.

By setting it in our world, say London in the future, I would need to explain why society is crumbling and broken, which means I need to know how it got to that point from another point, and real world politics, all the back to our present day.

By setting it in another world, say a technologically advanced fantasy world, I need to do the same thing. I need to know the lands so thoroughly that it feels like a real place.

So I either;

– Learn to love world building, and just crack on and figure everything out from creation to my stories present. (Which I've tried, and I burn out every time.)


– Bypass that and figure out the least amount of world-building I can get away with in order to tell my story.

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What's it to be, writers? What do I do. How do I cure this world-building cycle for good.

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