This thread is for discussion purposes, but also for personal reasons (writing for a story that I hope to develop into a novel or webcomic). I think that the Twilight series does this with Edward and Bella, and it has faced criticism. I think it's definitely a fine line that could lead to problems regarding obvious age-gaps, but what if it was a person who was immortalized as a young person and didn't age? Being a teen myself, it feels sketchy and kind of uncomfortable in some scenarios, but in other scenarios weird for completely different reasons. Anyway, I am seeking other's genuine, though-out opinions; this is my first thread, please be gentle!

EDIT: In the title, change "have" to "Write". This pertains directly to writing a romance between immortal and non-immortal characters yourself, whether or not to do it, and if it's okay, the best way to go about doing so. I also have more context if that's needed

EDIT 2: Okay, I forgot about this part that's fairly vital in terms of context. It's kind of like… dog years, I guess. So, let's say one character is 19 and the other is 1900. So the second character would be 100x older in years, but they each age in proportion to their lifespan, so they'd be at the same stage of life. Does that change anything?

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