I'm thinking something along the lines of what Rupi Kaur's done, (as the bones/ base to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do. . .) but more dense.

A collection of poetry, pages with one liners, pages with art (actual art, not just line drawings, no offense), pages with photography, kind of a "scrapbooky/bullet journaly" type vibe. . .a whole collage of beautiful, creative things, that are all art, short stories here and there. . . . something alike to ram dass' "be here now" but more modern and perhaps less coherent/ not at all new age/spiritual base.

and when I say short stories I mean actual stories that people could create fandoms around lol. talking something with a beginning, middle, end, with well fleshed out plot & chapters & characterization.

Kind of like a zine, but more commercialized, more coherent, like a 100-200 page type thing.

like if you saw this as a book, you'd think it's a short book, and you open it, and you're like, "oh!"

something that isn't completely random that you just flip through. . .

kind of like a portfolio of all my work smacked into a book?? I don't know. . .

is there a genre for this type of material, and are there any actual books that people have seen like this?? If so please let me know and share!!

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