I am currently working on putting the last edits and changes to a manuscript I’ve been working on for several years. It is pretty close to completion and I figure it should be “finished” around the New Year. Its shaping up to be roughly 100-110K words, split across about eight chapters and a prologue and maybe an epilogue (I have yet to decide if what I have planned for the epilogue fits or not).

I would love to have one or two beta reader read over the manuscript —I am not necessarily looking for a full-blown critique, only for a few people to read it and explain what things work and don’t and if they get invested in the characters the way I have. You by no means have to read all of it —only until it loses your interest.

The working title is “Downriver”. It is set in a fantasy version of America in 1893 —the twilight of the “Wild West” Era. It follows two bounty-hunters, Findrel Kes and Gillian Feraway, up in the mountains of Coronado (Colorado), as they hunt down a bandit-chief named Brigham. But along the way, they run into the ruins of a destroyed trading caravan with a single survivor —a child. They are left with two choices, leave the child alone in the harsh snowy mountains to die, or abandon their revenge to get her to safety.

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