I've been a fan of the HP movies ever since they came out but have only just begun reading the books.

I just finished reading the Chamber of Secrets last night and the ending was so satisfying to me.

Rowling set so much up at the beginning of the story and reintroduced those aspects in the end to help Harry save the day: Fawkes the Phoenix, The Sorting Hat, The Spiders, the flying car saving them in the Forbidden Forest, etc.

Also, even though I've watched the film many times and knew exactly where the story was going, I tried to think about how I would've felt reading it as someone completely new to the stories and found the way she led up to the revelation of Ginny Weasley being responsible for the attacks at the school as not being too obvious and done beautifully.

How exactly should I go about writing a story with shocking revelations like these?

Should I start with the ending then work on the "build up" to the ending?

Anyone currently working on achieving this in their story? What's your process?

Also, if anyone would like to argue against Chamber of Secrets and it's execution I am totally open to hearing your opinion. I personally think it was done well, but if you disagree, I'm curious to know why!

Thank You!

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