This is my very first post and probably last since I think I won`t ever meet another Kevin like this.

So I am currently living in Budapest, Hungary together with some friends and I am studying at one of the many Universities this city has to offer. We live in the city center in the 4th floor of an apartment building. All buildings here have an inner courtyard and outside hallways on every floor (basically common balconies 😉 ).

Last saturday me and my roommate were having some drinks in our living room and smoking a few joints throughout the evening. And this is where it all began.
We got outside talking, smoking and generally having a good time. In the background we heard someone talking in Hungarian, but we did not really pay attention since there is a construction side on the back of our house and during the day we can frequently here the workers scream and talk to each other on the roof there. Basically we thought that they were still working for whatever reason at 11pm on saturday… At some moment my roommate suggested it might be from our neighbors apartment, but I got more and more curious on where the noises are coming from.

So I walked down the hallway in order to might catch an idea on where this comes from since it sounded like it comes from above (remember we live on 4th floor). And well…. there was a guy standing at our chimney talking loud in hungarian and apparently calling for assistence/help. We tried to talk to hime for like 5 minutes until he finally got that we are speaking english and not hungarian to him.
Kevin then talked back in english and tried to explain that he is coming down to us and he had no idea how he got up there. At this moment we also realized that something was off and Kevin told us he was REALLY drunk and just climbed up a ladder somewhere and ended up on there.

We were standing there not knowing what to say. I mean we got high and drunk…. And there was a guy on top of our roof…. WTF?!

So we tried to talk him into getting back where he came from. "Climb down the ladder you came up!", but Kevin didn´t seem to get what we wanted him to do and decided to climb down the roof in order to get to us. He was really happy but confused the whole time and we were just there screaming at him to get back.

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At that moment probably the whole house was alive and awake since we were so damn loud.

I should also mention that it was raining and the tiles on our roof are extremely slippery.

So Kevin, on his way down to us, realized that there was no way other than falling down 4 floors into the courtyard. There is a roof above the balcony which makes it impossible to climb down to us…. And Kevin slowly started to realize that, but still went on sliding down the roof getting closer to the edge every second.

It was at that moment he saw the rooftop window he was sliding down to and thought it would be the only way to get out of that situation ( it was……). Unfortunately… It was the window to my room…

Yeah, well, ofc I got in to open up the Window and let him in… Getting him out of his misery.

I ran inside, ran up the stairs to my room and called my other roommate to help (and watch the crazyness we just witnessed) and we opened the window… Kevin then climbed in onto my desk into my room. But trying to get down the desk he slipped and fell face forward to the wall / radiator and he hit the wall really hard. He did not pass out but he laid of the floor for a few seconds, still trying to talk to us and telling us everything is fine. (We knew it was not….) Since he was soaking wet and dirty as fuck he also ruined my white wall and floor on his way in… But at least we saved him for now.

The whole time I was talking to him and asking WHY!!??! And he constantly told me that he did it quite often and always got down somehow. He thought it is fun to climb stuff and see what happens.

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I then tried to push him out of our apartment gently and get rid of this guy somehow (I should also mention he constantly ask us not calling the police, which we didn`t). I took him outside to the elevator and we went down. Half way down the elevator stopped, a guy opened the door violently and started shouting at us to "SHUT THE FUCK UP".
While I tried to talk him down and that this guy next to me just came off our roof (he obviously did not believe me nor he wanted to listen), Kevin was also talking to him trying to tell him his achievement….

I took Kevin to our front door, told him to NEVER EVER do this again and his only answer was "Thank you. Not on your roof again." and he tumbled into the night to be never seen again.

For Kevin`s sake I really hope he does not climb any more roofs and also I hope he will change his friends since they obviously did not care at all…

Tl;DR: We meet a Kevin who likes to climb up very high stuff while being really drunk and is bragging about surviving every time.

P.S.: I got this whole thing on tape, because nobody would ever believe me this really happened….

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