This is a recurring story, it happens many times a week with a few differences in each situation. Our home's phone number is one digit from a local clinic's. We have XXYY and they have XXXY number, other than that they're exactly the same.

Now, normally people will dial our number, realize the mistake and go on to dial the correct one the next time. No. Big. Deal. It happens so much that it's more of a joke than an annoyance.

The thing is when a Kevina (usually older women) calls, she will NOT have dialed it wrong and we have it wrong. It's kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time. She dialed the right number and we're wrong, for some reason… It's weird.

It just happened today and here is how it went.

  • Hi, I want a check up for my…

Sorry to interrupt, You didn't call the clinic, you called the wrong number (I tend to interrupt fast, I don't want to hear private matters like cancer checkups and other kinds of health related problems)

  • Uuuuh… No? I dialed XXYY and it's the clinic number, you must be mistaken.

She hangs the line and calls again

  • Yeah, I had to schedule an appointment for…

Ma'am you dialed the wrong number. This is a private number, you need to dial…

  • Nuh huh! I dialed right number I have written it down on a post it. What is wrong with you!?

Actually, the number is XXXY, you dialed XXYY

  • That's not what I have here. I need to talk to your boss

I don't have a boss, it's a house's number…

  • So… You're telling me that the radiologist's number is a private number. Nice try.
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I hung up and she dialed again… I picked up the phone and hung up. she didn't call afterwards.

I hope the clinic doesn't fire me… /s

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