I think this likely stems from my bad habit of focusing in on one thing too much, but I feel like an outline should really be three smaller outlines that look more like a Gantt chart. If anyone has tried this, I'd love to hear about your experience.

My argument is, if you're looking to weave in sub-plots through secondary character relationships, and have some unity-of-effect regarding whatever point you're trying to get at, having all-inclusive blurbs per chapter seems to set you up for a lack of equity between the storylines. That's not to say they should all get equal attention, but a Gantt chart style outline, with stories phasing in and out of the narrative, makes me think it's a better layout of the story than what amounts to the blurb on your cable providers "info" section of a TV show.

Feel free to tell me this is absurd, genius, boring, whatever. I'm hoping to find something I hadn't considered.

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