It turns out that I love a book that is heavy on the inner monologue. I recently read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, both which effectively delve deep into character thoughts in a conversational and fun way. They're both also written in first person present.

First person present makes sense in this context because both the depth and immediacy of the thoughts is what is guiding the prose. But, I also find that first person present can be a somewhat polarizing choice. Can anyone suggest some examples of books that have a lot of inner monologuing that aren't 1st person present?

I think the part that is giving me the most trouble is actually present vs. past. If I want my character to express the thought, "Mushrooms are, unquestionably, the creepiest vegetable," how would I do that in past tense? One wouldn't say "Mushrooms were, unquestionably, the creepiest vegetable," because that implies that they once were and no longer. Do you just put that type of thought in present tense? If my character goes on an entire mushroom-fueled rant in their head, does this just indicate that the book is best served by the present tense?

Am being stupid by even trying to write something that has a ton of inner monologuing?

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