I have all these ideas in my head for settings, and characters and shorter story plots involving those things and some spotty longer ones. Often these ideas come through vivid day dreams i often just get super caught up in where its almost like i'm experiencing and creating it at the same time. And i want to be able to put them down and organize them in a way that'll be useful to me for using in my projects. Not necessarily strictly just writing per say as i'm more of a visual artist but i think it would be useful to have all these ideas down and organized as they can be used in all sorts of projects involving my art weather it be creating art of characterless and scenes involving them, a comic, making flavor text to go along with my art or even just for making a dnd campaign set in one of my worlds.

However my issue is every time i try to type out my ideas its just a mess it just doesn't come out. Things are missing and what make sit down is completely in a nonsensical order. Like i don't need it super fancy but good enough that its actually still a useful jumping off point for the idea to develop it further. So i could really use advice on how to get the ideas down in a use able manner.

EDIT: Also please do the ELILI5 version. I really struggle with writing and in highschool the last time i really wrote anything i required lots of help.

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