Like the title suggests i'm concerned as to where I want the setting of my story to take place.

When creating the story I had the idea for the setting to be in Japan. The story is fiction so I can just pretty much make some things up but keep majority of their culture, right? I'm American and I've never been to Japan, or really any foreign place for that matter. My reason for choosing Japan is that I prefer their schooling over ours and the main Protagonist is in High School. I pretty much picture the story as a Manga and perhaps that could be some of my problem. I pretty much only know what I've read in Manga, which I'm okay with actually researching itself.

I could set it in America because i'm familiar with it but I almost feel like i'd have to change the names of some of my characters from Japanese. But then again it's fiction right? Should I just create more to my world to make it make sense or…?

This is the first time I actually want to share my writing so I don't really know what people want to read and I one day hope to turn this into a comic/Manga if I can find an artist for it.

Maybe i'm just being too optimistic? I'm not so sure, any advice would be appreciated. This is my first time asking for help on here.

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