Alias: (of the church)(white snake)(Grand Thunder)

Age: 21

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Weapon of choice: spear – morning star – Naginata spear

Shield: stone shield

Gregory is a paladin who's the leader of the group. Very proficient in the use of lightning and healing magic. He is an orphan boy who was raised in a mega church. During his early teen years, he took the job of a courier of the church at he age of 10, delivering messages of the churches throughout the empire. He eventually got knighted as paladin of the church (which is just glorified security guard) at 14 because of his physical toughness and strength. Later went to study in the main city of the kingdom of Yygris at the age of 18. Because of his strict religious upbringing, he was discouraged from his ambition to be an adventurer and making fame for himself. So when he was old enough to be independent, he set out to chase his dream. At the years of 21 when he finished his study, he took on petty quests and taking intern jobs, living day to day, sometimes joining other adventuring party but always as a tag-along. That all changed when he met Eliza, he took an instant liking to her and request she and him form and adventuring party. Along the journey, they also are joined by other adventurer as well(as seen below). He is the person who strung the member of the group together. He can be goofy at times and somewhat took too much of a straightforward approach to problem. His self-centered worldview could make him blunt at times, causing him to be mistaken for an egotist douche when he clearly didn't want to hurt anyone. However, he can be very serious when situation comes to dire and has unbreakable resolve


Alias: (Red menace)(Red hood)

Age: 17

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Weapon of choice: spiked club – claymore – ultra greatsword

Shield: (rare occasion) roundshield

Eliza(our MC) who was born into rich family as a kid. She is extremely intelligent, with many many offers from privileged university at young age. However, he parents have always been abusive power trippers since she was a kid. For example; being harshly scolding her on every little things which is sometimes doesn’t make sense like if she was even a minute late for getting in the car to home from school, they would leave her to walk home by herself(distant not from home to school is not near). Her mother would physically hit her all the time even with something that is trivial and it’s so sever that sometimes she can’t walk. Her parents also kept her academic successes above all else represses her personal desires such as socialising and making friends, which she never was given much autonomy. While she had a success in academia, she always felted empty inside because academia isn’t all what she wanted in life. This rage that builds up over time turn her into an angsty person with temper problem which she would be the cause of her lashing her anger by getting into fights with other students.

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At the age of 15 she had been been training (as a hobby) in a couple of forms of martial arts including kickboxing and judo

One time at the age of 16 while her mother was hitting her again, she finally had enough and fought back. Her mother ended up in hospital and she was later disowned from the inheritance. She ran away from home to live in the streets, living day to day doing shady stuff like selling weed and stealing because she really had no choice. One day while she was driving her scooter, there was 2 trucks speeding at her from 2 sides of the road. However, when the impact is expected, the trucks disappear, only for her to find out that she got transported to another world. And some time later met with Gregory to form the party. She also has some anger issue as well. She is very polite, as a person of her background is, but can get really violent if she gets angry which she is really easily provoked.


Alias: (Silver (sonya)) (Iron Ocelot)

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Age: 27

Weapon of choice: sai – estoc – katana

Shield – small parry shield

Raised in the cold harsh northern island of Koth, Sonya was employed as one of the 5 Black Hands, an elite group hitsquad working for the Panthos emperor for generations, lurking in the shadow and take on jobs of assassination of those deemed enemy of the throne . She is notorious for her brutal and lethal assassination. One day, she was framed as a traitor and was killed by one of her colleagues and is left to die. However, she miraculously survived and had been living an alias of “Sonya”. She became depressive and eventually join Gregory’s party, which made her feel like she had a direction in life. She is a more serious member of the team, always thinking logically and what’s most beneficial for the group. She takes commands from Gregory as serious and absolute. She never participates in the antics of his teammates. However, she still frequently participates in a handful of casual group conversations with them from time to time

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Andus Greenrock:

Alias: (Shabby socerer)(The Tempest)

Age: 19

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Weapon of choice: staff(for casting magic) – kris dagger

Shield: hide shield

Andus Greenrock is a sorcerer of of Whatever-goes magic school of magic and witchcraft which was founded by his father Androxus Greenrock with only him being the only student. The school is not an official magic school by any means. They chose to learn in a more experimental way than more conventional way, by living in the woods and collecting doing some totally unsafe experiements with new spells and potion effect. They never harmed anyone, surprisingly enough, and has actually help some villager with problems such as giving them cure potion for disease for free without any compensation . However, at age of 12, Andus's father was arrested with illegal magical practice(or something) but the real reason is that he discovered something that the official mage establishment doesn’t want to find out. Without anywhere to go in life, he set out to be an adventurer, using whatever skill his father taught him and trying to uncover the conspiracy of his dad’s arrest along the way. Andus is a pretty smart guy, but he's extremely immature for his age, and likes to goof around all time which can get on his teammate's nerves as well. He likes to troll people on purpose, half the shit he says makes people wanna stab him with a fork

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