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So I recently began writing my story which takes place in a low fantasy setting. As soon as finished writing this particular scene, I stopped and began to think that maybe the character's actions were not logical or grounded in reality. Perhaps you fine folks will be able to help me.

Just a quick summary of the character, before I describe the scene as I think his background is more important than the scene in question:

His name is Wilhelm, and one of the major characters in the story. A massive war was fought between 2 kingdoms that lasted approximately 12 years which devastated the realm. As a lower wealth freeman, he was conscripted at the age of 15, and campaigned for the remaining 9 years until the end of the war. Towards the end of the war during a battle, he essentially suffered some kind shock onset by the chaos around him. With the battle raging around him, he lay on the mud in state of panic, unable to breath, or get up. The battle was eventually won regardless. Leading up to the next battle a few months later, he deserted in the middle of the night upon witnessing the enemy forces maneuvering into position and again suffering from the same panic attack. This battle was decisively lost, which ended the war and caused the capitulation of his county and subjugation by the victor.

Racked with guilt and shame, he returned to his wife and was ostracized by his village who had by now heard of his cowardly display; he is an outcast that is constantly ridiculed and even blamed for the loss of the war. He believes himself to be cursed by the god of war for his actions, which is further destroying his mental state and relation with his family. His wife suffered 2 miscarriages, his eldest son of 4 years is stricken with a condition that has left him deaf and mute, and he just buried his 2 yr old daughter after she died of a fever. This is acting as a self fulfilling prophecy and validating his belief that he was cursed.

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That was his background, the scene of the story is simple really. It's 6 years after the war, and someway or another he is reluctantly recruited to guide a traveling Lord and his retinue through a detour as the main river crossing is flooded due to the swell. Along the way they get violently ambushed by some assailants in the woods, which sees his horse shot out from under him and brutal fight ensue around.

Here in lies my question: Its apparent that in a modern sense this character suffers from PTSD, which is further worsened by his self loathing and adherence to belief that he is cursed. How would an individual like Wilhelm behave in this situation? Will he be again thrown a fit of anxiety and unable to properly respond? Or would martial skill and experience take over to allow him to fight in the moment and then perhaps afterwards suffer the effects of PTSD?

I do not have PTSD or any similar disorder, and I would appreciate if anyone with experience, first hand or through psychology, assist me in developing this character's scene. If you feel there is even anything wrong with the back ground, please do say so.


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