This is a story that I have discussed before and tried my best to remove any and all problematic elements while keeping the core. The basic setup is Sam and Dany are two teenage boys in 10th grade and the best of friends. Sam is the cool, popular one while Dany is kind of a lonely recluse.

Important bit; Sam is a Transgender Girl but is essentially in the closet. She believes she's a boy because that's what she sees in the mirror and tries very hard to suppress feelings of dysphoria. Stop me right here if this seems impossible. I've heard of the "egg" phenomenon.

One day Dany makes Sam sit down and sort of lets out a whole bunch of negative feelings that's he's kept bottled inside. He talks about dark/suicidal thoughts he's been having and says that no one would care if he died. Sam gets freaked out and basically finds herself unable to help a friend, she decides to talk to a bunch of girls under the impression that if Dany had a girlfriend he'd feel better but none of the girls are interested.

He talks to his parents and tells him that he loves Dany and doesn't want anything terrible happening to him, he adds that he wished he could BE Dany's girlfriend and basically do the whole "manic pixie dream girl" thing that fixes all the boy's problems. Here's the thing; Sam's parents have had inklings of doubt that their child could be Transgender (Sam's mom being a child psychologist helps) and realize they have the perfect opportunity to let her do some self-exploration.

There's stuff about how Sam's dad worked for a big medical company and stole something on the day he was fired, a jar of pills that can instantly transform the user into the opposite gender based on their current look, so fat dude becomes fat girl, it doesn't make you into a model. I like to think of the company as sort of Willy Wonka for medicine.

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Sam is shocked that her dad would ever steal but uses the pills anyway. What follows are a bunch of humorous incidents where Sam tries her best to be the perfect girlfriend while discovering how much happier and content she seems when transformed, she positively hates turning back and tries to remain a girl as long as possible.

Dany doesn't change much but grows dependent on Sam and essentially the lesson is that Dany's problems are deeper. Sam's parents help her understand this while also letting her come to terms with her true self. Sam convinces Dany to see a therapist while preparing herself for a life changing decision.

So basically the pills are limited in number and will run out eventually; but there is a prototype golden pill that will permanently transform the user with no way back. Sam talks to Dany as if the pills have run out and she cannot transform anymore; she tells him that she would have to go through a normal transition like everyone else.

Dany is shown to be particularly intelligent and observant and tells her that he knows it's a long painful process that can take years and he's willing to wait for the girl of his dreams. Sam is overjoyed at hearing this and invites him to her house where he discovers that Sam has transformed again. She tells him about the golden pill and how she wouldn't dare make someone like Dany wait. They kiss.

I know the last bit is schmaltzy as hell but how do you feel about it overall? I want to clarify that Sam would have taken the golden pill anyway but she needed to know how much Dany truly loved her or if it was only a physical thing.


Some other stuff I wanted to discuss.

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  1. I wanted to give Sam a sort of "compulsive liar" type of personality. She has a tendency to lie to herself and others to sort of maintain an ideal status quo, naturally the biggest lie is to herself and coming to terms with that is a big theme. I thought about Dany being unaware that Sam and his new girlfriend are the same person, he does find out and get angry at being manipulated by his best friend but since I want to portray him as being level headed and savvy, cools down and talks to Sam about how he figured she may have Trans leanings and understands she was only trying to help.
  2. Or should Dany be aware from the start? Like, "let's fool the school and make Dany the talk of the town for having a cool and hot GF who skateboards and plays video games" but then they fall in love for real.

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