Sorry if this is the wrong sub. I frequent here and teachers. Though that sub might be able to assist me more in the classroom aspect of it, I have a hunch that ya'll might be able to help me out with more of the particulars. Currently I teach HS English and an AP class.

I've never taken a CW class in HS or college, but I've heard of teachers doing awesome things like getting students published and all of that. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I also know that in the past, they have written a decent amount of poetry. I've made it clear to some of the incoming students next year that are excited for poetry to lower their expectations; I'm more experienced in fiction.

The structure is that it's a half credit class, so in one calendar year a student can take CW 1 and 2. CW 3 and 4 is an honors' level class, so obviously the work has to reflect that. I was thinking of doing something like focusing on story structure, plot, characterization, all that jazz in CW 1, then focus on style and syntax and dialogue in CW 2, then 3 and 4 will be working in different genres and trying to get published somewhere.

Anyway, I'm not looking for anyone to make a class for me, but anyone who has taken a CW class in high school – effective or ineffective – I would love to hear from you. I take this seriously. I don't want to mess this up.

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