Looking for great examples of novels to read that has the author not breaking the fourth-wall, but ever so slightly nudging up against it to kinda hint at something more than just a wink-and-a-nod to the reader.

Asking because I need to have a sort of "telepathic" conversation with gods in the last book and while I've just got to the point in Weaveworld where the big-bad is finally truly revealed, Mr. Barker really handled telepathy brilliantly. It's given me a clue on how I can tackle the part in my own story where I need to nudge the fourth-wall like that, but before I get to that (which is a long-way away) I would like to read how other authors have done that kind of thing so I can get a fuller understanding of the ways I can handle this kind of thing.

Because, well, in a telepathic conversation, doesn't it make a bit of sense that the telepath could get an idea what the character is thinking by almost "reading" the writing on the page? I mean, if it's not the kind of telepathic conversation where it's just minds talking as if they're in meat-space… and I think this would really drive home in my own novel how the MC, at this point, is literally communing with gods (whereas previously he's only ever touched minds with "lesser" beings.)

TLDR: Please recommend novels that you've enjoyed that had a character/force nudge up against the fourth wall through the use of telepathy, or other forms of "all-knowing-ness."

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