I'm creating a Online RPG which is mostly text and I hope a small graphical inteface, like runescape but more cost efficent, below is the story I'm incorporating.

If you would like to help me in this project where I have a website and discord, please direct message me or post in this thread.

Aryen is a magic-exoplanet with 'upgrade-atomic'; Ayren has a fifth primary element called Oir, black energy with a hint of purple from certain angles that appears in dense air. It rips air and acts as a parasite on land and in seas, probing or enhancing life; animal species are, due to Oir nature, flexible with elements, plant-life and animal-life, and environments are highly advanced.

Ayren species are like color and shape set on a magical canvass; all animals are entwined with the active world and this allows for magic.

There are four schools of magic born of Ayren: black, white, red and blue. Black magic is destructive magic; white magic is healing magic; red magic is power absorbing; and blue magic is power enhancing. Starter classes are black magician, white magician, hunter, stalker. Black magicians learn how to cast and control elements; master black magicians can control minds; white magicians learn how to heal and summon using herbs and ritual; master white magicians can summon guardian forces; hunters learn how to swindle and tame animals using agility; master hunters can tame high level monsters; stalkers learn how to trace and track animals using sense; master stalkers can adapt high level animal abilities.

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