I might as well get to the point. I have a friend who is graduating college to be a writer. I love this friend dearly, but want to ask some basic questions maybe get some thoughts, and a discussion going in the comments. I will consult him later as well. I’m graduating in a STEM related field, and do not possess the greatest grammar or spelling. I also just drank a large energy drink, which I have not had in months. I apologize in advance. Read the bolded parts to get a TLDR.

So to get started. I like to write “airport thrillers” things in the vein of “Tom Clancy”, combined with inspirations of young adult fiction by novelist like Victoria Aveyard of the “Red Queen” series, and from my childhood hero Rick Riordan. Nothing mythical in my book, but I like the way they combine story elements. I like the way they portray fiction with ruthlessness. Or in Rick’s case, the way he makes the world seem so mythical.

I have no real formal training except for English 2 in college. Meaning, I understand how much work I have to put into this. Checking grammar, etc… However, I have some larger questions below. Even though I have read hundreds of books, I have never gotten an answer.

I have outlined my book in an extensive Excel document up to the half way point. However, based on past writing experience I already have about 50 – 100 pages setting up the plot to a much larger series of events. Granted there are small events inside of these 50 – 100 pages, but do you think that is too much explaining?

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I have a few chapters where I switch from 3rd person to 1st. I did this once in an english class and was told it was heresy. I’m using it to make the reader jolt, and see the world through that characters eyes. Its a book, I should be able to do this right?

Finally, I plan on setting it in the real world. The problem is that I want to use real universities and places. However, the main character murders someone in self defense in or near the universities’ parking lot. Is that a problem? What if I put in a disclaimer within the first few pages? Should I not use real world locations?

TLDR: Read the bolded parts of my post.

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