Hello lovely writing community. Long time lurker looking for your wise tidbits.

I'm soon to start prepping to pitch agents for my book. I've never pitched to an agent before so I'm starting from the ground-up with regards to learning. I do not as yet even have a list of agents I want to pitch to, nor know where to start with that, I've been focusing purely on the writing.

I would love to hear your advice, lessons learned or forewarnings that may help guide me in the right direction.

My Google vortex searching takes me to so much advice, a lot of which feels contradictory (how much of your draft needs to be ready, expected minimum word counts, the need to have a strong relevant community/platform etc etc)

The book, which is a near complete draft, is a humorous, sweary, sarcastic, guide to life in your early 20's (aimed at women). It's a collection of relatively short chapters which reflects more of a blog format and there will be a big focus on fun visuals throughout.
The chapters are written but I also want to include shared quotes/stories from other women on each topic. This I assume will need to come later as it will require some legal bureaucracy.

My credentials: I have a background in Psychology but ended up in digital and social marketing. I also help run an organisation that brings opportunities and investment to female entrepreneurs.

But really I was just the brace-adorned, acne faced kid at school that developed a good sense of humour and want to leave my potential future daughter some words of wisdom and encouragement that I wish I had years ago.

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