Here's the lore so far: The actual story takes place approximately around what would be the year 2650. Around the year 2075 a series of events lead to an apocalypse which killed off all humans by 2080. There is revolt in many countries over a lack of resources. Bigger countries invade smaller ones for resources–minor wars erupt across the globe. Too many people and not enough clean water, enough space for agriculture or living space, and not enough jobs to sustain the population. Nearly all labor jobs are automated, done by robots, and it's steadily moving on to white collar jobs. Several decades prior a disease infectious only to primates surfaced has now evolved into something deadly. A massive world war develops as people believe their enemies developed the disease it in order to decimate their population and claim the leftover resources. Many big cities are lost to nuclear fallout. The disease eventually kills off all primates.

While this is happening, the US and various different allies are also working on a project to keep humans from dying from this disease. They figured out it only infected primates so they began a series of experiments that involved splicing human and animal DNA in order to figure out how to defeat it. There are several millions of these experiments scattered across the globe. There are labs with them in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Argentina, Israel, and Morocco.

With humans all gone as well as power going out, the experiments are able to escape. They begin forming their own new civilizations with their own cultures–new languages, religions, rituals, clothing, music, etc. Around 550 years later, there are new civilizations of half-animal, half-human beings.

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The main character of the story, a part snowy owl who lives in what used to be Vermont, wants to learn about what truly happened to the civilization from before, following her mother and father who were branded as heretics and executed from not believing in the local religion after finding evidence that they were wrong about what happened in the past. The main character happens upon a secret laboratory while trying to escape her hometown and the watchful eyes of the tyrannical religion. She meets an android who was shut down several years prior to the war who wants to know what happened to the world they once knew. They team up and begin exploring the world for the truth about the past.

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