Hello everyone! This is reposted — forgot to flair the first post. In answer to some of the comments on the first post:

The main characters are a mage (also a seer) and her apprentice. The antagonists are an evil empress regent who's willing to do anything to keep her throne and the demon in her enchanted mirror, which is inspired by the Biblical story of the demon Legion. It's a coming-of-age story and also loosely inspired by Snow White. There's a romantic subplot and a lot of intrigue (it's set in what the Roman Empire might have looked like with magic). Themes deal with general morality, good vs. evil, and light vs. darkness, as well as some discussion of free agency/fate.

I am getting near to submitting my novel to agents, and I'm going to attempt to conduct an informal poll on some possible titles for said novel. Let me know what you think about one or all of them!

  1. FOR WE ARE MANY. This was my original title, and I probably like it the best. The only problem is that there is a recent (2017) novel by the same name, so it's a bit of a risky choice.
  2. LEGION (or) LEGION OF GLASS. These were secondary choices, neither of which I really like. Someone made the point that there's a TV show titled LEGION, and LEGION OF GLASS sounds too much like THRONE OF GLASS, another bestselling novel.
  3. THE RISING FLAME. I'm currently leaning towards this title. It isn't my absolute favorite, but it applies to the story and it isn't terrible (in my opinion) and is safe. Some of my friends have said that it doesn't sound very good / doesn't flow very well. Opinions on that?
  4. FIREHAWK. This is a cool sounding title, but I'm worried that it might give readers the wrong feel. My book is fairytale inspired, reasonably serious, with a quasi historical backdrop. "Spirit animals" do figure in at some point, but they're not an overarching feature, and FIREHAWK would apply to one of the main characters, who finds out her "spirit animal" / familiar at the end of the book. What would you expect from a book titled FIREHAWK?
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Some other random options that also apply to the book and don't sound too bad:



Thanks for your help!


Thanks to everyone who's commented! I really appreciate it.

It is an interesting idea to play up the Roman angle, as a few people mentioned. I forgot to state that the story is set in a fictional empire, the Cerinthian Empire, which is what I imagine the Roman Empire might have looked like with magic and some alternate history. However, the Roman angle could still work, so I will look into that.

I think that though FIREHAWK is a very cool title, I'm going to have to rule it out based on what I think and what I've seen here — it really does have a superhero feel that I'm not looking for.

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