Been working on a project for actually 1.5 years, to put in perspective… I'm actually done with my story but I have work to do on it. I've handed 45~ chapters and a few strays away to editor(s) but I'm having serious issues with handing all 80-85 chapters away. The beginning is done but I just keep combing through, finding stupid shit. It's like the more copies I intend to send, the more I regret it. I need to edit the whole thing again in my mind, it's not even close, but I know when I'm done, it will no doubt need it again, fueled by what I'm seeing. I'll give y'all this: "writing for a year will a) fuck you up in a good way BUT b) make you a way better writer.

if you noticed I dropped an " there, you're a better writer than me.

Maybe I'm just hating on my own past writing… I've heard authors say they wrote eleven books before publishing, but can Brandon sanderson please show me those manuscripts? JK about it until now, I should totally lie and say this is my thirteenth book.

It's over 300,000 words so it's not that and I have no external pressures. Anyone having issues reading even the beginning of something you've written? I like where it has gone.

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