Lately I've taken an interest in reading up on revolutions originating in abuses between classes and/or exploitation of the lower and middle class by the wealthy in the interest of accumulating or considating more wealth. It strikes me that the US is well on its way to some sort of classist upheaval as the concentration of wealth and power becomes increasingly unbalanced and unsustainable.

That background aside, I've lately been reading about the pair of revolts that dismantled the Tsarists in Russia and I have a rather pedestrian question. Did these revolutionaries practice any kind of ritualized killing in a particular mode, as the French did with the guillotine? What was the favored tool of killing those perceived to be the abusers, was it the bullet, the rope, etc? Or was this truly a revolution of the people and whatever was at hand and most expedient became the tool during riots and organized resistance?

Thanks for any help!

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