Ok, so recently I decided to pull a Fifty Shades of Grey and adapt a Gundam fanfic I had laying around in my PC into it's own thing, and I've been running into some problems, ones that I haven't run into when I made my own stories from the ground up.

Character and plot wise I'm alright, there's nothing inherently from Gundam that I have to change, the plot and the characters were all created by me. There's only two things that actually carry over from Gundam, the name itself (as in the lead mech is called the Aquarios Gundam and the mechs are called mobile suits) and the concept of Newtypes. For those who don't know, Newtypes are basically psychic people, they have superhuman reflexes and are able to sense the intentions and feelings of others (it's not mind reading, it's more true-feelings-reading), which makes them exceptional pilots. Newtype individuals are able to mind meld (that's not what it's called but it's basically that) and they're able to have conversations and share memories and all sorts of crazy stuff. The brainwaves of Newtypes can be used to move and control machinery through the PsyCommu system, which translates brainwaves into electrical signals.

In my plot, the two main characters (who are romantically interested in each other) are both newtypes, and this is one of the main reasons they get along so well, because both of them can understand each other in a deeper level than anyone else. The main character and also many of the antagonists of the plot are also Newtypes and pilot PsyCommu equipped Mobile Suits, and Newtype resonance and mind melding is key to certain important plot moments.

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This is where I run into the big problem, the concept of Newtypes is vital to the story. Everything else, like the mech names and certain organizations I can change easily, but with Newtypes, I can't exactly do that. I've tried tweaking the concept a bit to see if it somehow made things better, but I still get that feeling that my work is being derivative, since the key idea isn't being changed that much (they're still psychics able to mind meld and understand each other's feelings and also can control machines with their mind).

I'm stuck, honestly, I don't know what to do with this. I'm really proud of the stuff I wrote in that fic and the moments wouldn't really work if I modified the concepts until they were fundamentally different. So at this point I don't know…

Could I get some feedback here? Some advice?

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