Hey there! There's a story I've been tinkering with for a while now, and I've finally decided to just bite the bullet and write it. I plan on publishing in a Serial format, bi-weekly, online. What website or format would be the best for doing so? Back in high school I read Worm, by Wildbow, pretty regularly, and this was before social media really took off. I was thinking of going to WordPress and updating my personal social media with links to Chapters. Of course, it it's still WordPress, and while it can be converted into an author bio blog, I'd still have to work hard to really get the whole thing up to Snuff.

I also have an Archive of Our Own account that I use pretty sparingly, and have been considering updating there. But AO3 is a pretty insular ecosystem at some points, and while I think the tagging system works very well, it might be a bit more difficult to spread the news that it's been published. I don't even think the website has RSS feeds.

My third option would be simply posting it to Tumblr, since then it can be spread in a viral manner on the site. I used to go on there pretty often so I know how the system works. But it's also Tumblr, and it would be hard to gauge feedback from it and also I have to deal with Tumblr.

My final option is a bit more unique. Because the story I'm writing is about professional wrestling, and I have a few ins with one particular website, I was thinking I could get it published on there, sort of like 17776. If I can, that's some built-in social media exposure right there, since it's a pretty popular site.

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Which of these options look best to you? Are there any I'm missing? I hear Wattpad, despite all its misgivings, can actually have quite a few success stories in that manner.

Also please forgive me if this reads horribly, I'm actually on my phone right now and using voice to text.

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