Hi, I'm looking for inspiration on magical architecture for my novel, specifically a temple and the kill-rooms within so I made this prompt.

Alright, let me set the stage:

You are a mentally ill mage (think Schizotypal personality disorders and such) who managed to find an inexhaustible source of mana. Using it makes you near god-like but wielding that much power also gave you a god-complex.

You create a temple dedicated to yourself which also houses the source of power but afterwards realize that other mages can sense it and are coming to get it. You decide to build rooms with traps to protect what's yours. You could just make an impenetrable barrier or make it so that the rooms completely obliterate anyone who enter them easily but because of your complex, you turn the project into a death game for your amusement. You thus allow intruders to come in, and build rooms that can be beat, albeit with difficulty or some sort of sacrifice (kinda like the Saw movies). Also, because of your mental ailments, your room and trap designs can be pretty abstract and out-there, since you interpret reality in a distorted way.

For example, instead of boring, cliched traps like spikes coming out of walls, maybe you have angel-looking beings holding spears flying around without any discernible patterns and the more sins the trespasser committed in life, the more of them there are. (I'm using words like temple and angels only as examples, you don't have to stick to religious motifs.)

And now the questions:

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-What kind of trap room would you build. Remember, you have the power to basically do anything. You can alter gravity, warp reality, yank memories out of minds, etc. You can also create whatever shape of room you need.

-How does the temple you've created look like? Pyramid? Hole in the ground? Built inside a giant statue of yourself? Made out of solid light or maybe suede?

-Does your temple do anything strange?

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