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Some time passes as Anavi decides to take a seat with some Gondraic traders who are both wearing strange foreign clothes. She can tell they aren't foreigners because of their facial features and the clan tattoos upon their two cheek bones. “So your boys from the northern nwellin province.” She smiles at them waving at the bartender for a drink. The bartender slides her a full metal cup of some blue foamy alcohol, then she happily slams a Koi on the table for the man to break. “Yes mam indeed, were on our way back from a successful journey to the eastern islands of Hellson.” He has on some lavish yellow clothes with beads of pearl and shell hanging from the chest area as well as long flowing opals hanging off of the sleeves.

The other man on his right speaks who's wearing something similar but it's blue instead of yellow. “Yea it was a harsh journey and I somehow managed to get my hand eaten by one of the local fauna. ''Twas a large fish that we were told not to mess with.” They both snicker drunkenly. The bartender hands her a few coins which she promptly takes from the table with haste. She looks around to see the room awash in music, dance, wooden Gondraic carvings within the walls depicting the first king of Gondra flooding the city with gold and festivities, yet something seems off about a hooded figure in the background. Then her gaze is suddenly interrupted by Celtric's drunken screaming. “Aye! You got a problem with my crest buddy?!, I'll have you know I'm a knight of the Gondra kingdom and I demand you take back what you said! Or I'll rip ye entrails frum within yer gullet you prissy shit drinking trillik!” “I dare you to try old man! I'll rip that beard off of your face and choke ya with it!” The young man snaps back at Celtric with rage in his voice. “By the gods that drunken idiot what did he do now?.” Anavi whispers to herself.

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She looks back at where the hooded figure was but…. she notices he's vanished only seconds later as if out of thin air. “Doesn't matter now” she thinks to herself as she chugs her large foamy drink. Gasping after the last gulp, her cheeks already have a red hue to them. The trader just gets his drink as Anavi steals it, then proceeds to drink it down her gullet too, whilst she is drinking it she flicks a hexagonal coin onto the man's lap walking up to the frantic scene that's taking place with a confident stride in her step. “Hey! Celtric! What's this man done to deserve such harsh words huh?” Anavi screams as a crowd of people gather around them all. The guards watch with obvious curiosity as to how the situation will be handled. “He insulted my families coat of arms he did, that rat bastard is gonna “hiccup”….. pay!” Celtric states as he wobbles slightly, slobber dripping down his beard. Yllis is still dancing as the hectic situation escalates. “Oh so you have a problem with my fellow knights familial birthright? Am I correct?!?” Anavi spits out of her mouth as she yells towards the increasingly aggravated young man who lets just say. Isn't a small guy. “Yea I got a problem ya dumb wench! A banner with that exact coat of arms was flown and paraded around my village after they killed my family!” “Wait a sec, you talkin bout the battle of Hellfurin? That place was just asking to be conquered ya filthy idiot. You ain't nothing but a fucking peasant anyway, what do ya know of conquest and glory. Bahaha.” Celtric state's gleefully as he drinks more of his alcoholic beverage.

All of a sudden Anavi receives a heavy strike to the face by the strangers furious fist. She's knocked to the ground with rage in her face, not easily taken aback by the blatant attack against her, then Celtric strikes back with one left hook but misses as the man dodges him with ease punching him quickly with two jabs in the face. Barely feeling the hit, Celtric recoils with an uppercut to the guys bottom jaw and Anavi comes back into the fight with a quick succession of lightning fast jabs to the man's gut. One more hard hitting left hook by Celtric, which doesn't miss its mark, finally the massive man spins twice back a few feet, vomits upon himself mid fall landing on a table with a thunderous blast breaking it with his body into a dozen pieces. Yllis keeps dancing and the music keeps playing as the shocked crowd just goes back to how it was before,… when only moments ago they were betting and rooting for whoever they wanted to win the fight, but to nobody's surprise, the Gondra knights won out. “You earned a drink on me Anavi, here go buy you and I a good ole amount,”hiccup” of some nice warm mead batter….Mmmhahahaha! Celtric’s laugh is contagious as everyone around them starts laughing up a storm. The party is ferocious as the drunkenness goes on throughout the night. Friea and her siblings enjoy a night of well deserved peaceful sleep while all of this chaos ensues without their knowledge.

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