It's now been about 1 to 1 1/2 years since I sent out my first round of queries to literary agents, and now that it's been a decent while and I've significantly revised by submission, I'm ready to go for round two. I'm just hung up on one thing; if you're resubmitting to an agent you've queried before for the same project, do you mention that you've submitted this material before?

I did some searching online for advice and have found a pretty wide split on whether or not you should do this.

Half the advice says no, you shouldn't, because reminding the agent that they have rejected this material before will needlessly increase the chance of getting rejected again.

The other half says yes, you should, because they'll remember your previous submission either way, and not mentioning it might make it seem that you're pretending this is a new project and think they won't notice.

What are your thoughts and experience on the matter?

Source: reddit post

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