Hey folks.

Context: I teach creative writing a couple of days a week, I also content write academic materials for a local college. My debut novel came out earlier this year and my publisher has already given me a contract for my second novel (due for release in June) and whatever I write after that.

I’m doing okay for money. I feel like most people could always be doing better but I live comfortably after I’ve paid my bills so that’s all good. But a friend recently told me about a magazine that publishes weekly novels, and they pay authors a flat fee of £300 for a 50,000 word book. The real catch? They’re hardcore trashy romance.

I submitted a few sample chapters and today I got feedback that said the writing is good (thank god) but the content isn’t quite romantic enough. The editor seems like a super nice lady and she’s gone back and forth me over the afternoon to discuss ways the plot might change in order to cater to their romantic demands, and she said she genuinely hopes she’ll see some revised chapters from me. But I don’t know.

Am I wasting time in doing this when I could be cracking on with actual writing? Or is this something that I can afford to do (time-wise) given that I already have a book scheduled for June, and therefore I don’t need to haul-ass to get another written this side of the summer? Thoughts and questions welcome.

Thanks for reading!

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