"Time is a river, we are stuck in its path, lead helplessly toward our end. Even though I know the end of our river, I am powerless to prevent its events."

Searian was the first monster, and only of his kind. He boasted god-like powers (such as the ability to see the future, invade others minds, and speak to others telepathically) but at the cost of his eyesight and real voice. He stayed out of battles generally, finding them usless. However his greatest streangth was corruption, the abolity to corrupt people and animals and turn them into new types of the monster species. He lived for thousands of years peacefully, sending his creatures to do his bidding. Then one day he faced off against a young fighter, sensing his end he corrupted the fighter and the weapon he carried before losing his life and joining the other monsters in the darkness.

Physical description: this creature radiated…oddity. Hovering a few feet off the ground it boasted a human like face with a mask below a large, nearly mushroom like head, a body that vaugly resembled a dress extended down from its head, and four golden tipped, black tenticals came from its bottom. The tenticals were what he used to corrupt the humans and animals, wounding them with the sharp tips. It was a wonder to behold…until it died.

Hey guys, this is one of my most powerful monsters in my story, I put him up here to see what you thought. Most of his backstory, powers, and description is here, I'll be happy to awnser any questions you may have

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