I've searched for a writing partner/buddy on reddit before, without much success. But it's been a while so I've decided to try again. Over a year ago, I tried writing my first novel because I thought I was prepared. I wasn't. I didn't know anything about plot structure or the technical aspects of writing, I thought I would just figure it out as I went along. Structurally-speaking, my failed first draft was a mess. And the conflict all felt completely superficial. I struggled to make my characters do ANYTHING. I've since read some nonfiction books about writing, and they were very helpful, but I still struggle to construct a plot. I have my characters and all the major plot points figured out, but I can't fill in the blanks, so to speak. Maybe someone who has more knowledge about these things would be willing to help me out. I should also mention I'm writing literary fiction set during World War II. It's certainly not required, but I would LOVE a partner who's experienced with or at least interested in historical fiction.

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