Storm in the Fire

The winds of Tatooine sweep around the feet of the two figures. One, an old and wise Jedi Master with a calm stoic demeanor. The other, a student turned from his path, filled with anger and sadness. Obi-Wan closes his eyes, feeling potent and powerful anger behind him. Something he could only describe as a storm of fire within The Force.

The crackle of a violent crimson blade radiates into his ears as the aura nears. “It has been a long time since I have felt such hatred,” He turns around to face a man dressed in all black, his menacing mask and volcanic cross-guard saber radiate negativity, “You are very troubled. There is conflict in your path, are you sure this is what you want? Killing me will bring you no peace.”

The man’s grip tightens on his saber, darkness dripping from his words, “There is no conflict. I have given myself completely to the dark side, and now it is my mission to kill you.” Obi-Wan stands his ground, refusing to even reach for his saber. “I will not strike down a boy who is lost in his way. The more lives you take, the heavier your soul will sink. This is not what you want, Ben.”

In an instant, the man leaps toward Obi-Wan in a vortex of blazing red fury. The silent void fills with a distorted guttural scream echoing throughout the desert around them. He swings his saber with heavy hands toward the old Jedi’s neck. As if the old man had predicted Kylo’s tactics, a blade of vibrant blue shields him from an untimely death. Obi-Wan locks eyes with Kylo, who breaks the blade lock, swiveling to the left sharply.

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With each swing, the crimson blade rips through the air with lethal intent, only to be met by a wall of light that flows like a stream. The Jedi starts to press the offensive to throw Kylo off balance, which works. Though he lacks the raw power to simply cleave through the boy’s defense, his carefully timed jabs and well placed swings proved effective on Kylo.

The Jedi’s blade glides across Kylo’s left shoulder and grazes his right hip. Kylo howls and grips his hip by instinct, arm dropping to his side for a moment. Obi-Wan knew he had no time to waste, as he would not have the stamina needed to keep up with the younger and stronger boy.

He swings his blade with swift intent to disarm Kylo, taking both his hands away. Only to find himself frozen before he could make the full movement, his blade simply grazing the child’s wrist. Kylo holds Obi-Wan in place, teeth grit underneath his helmet to bite away the burns. “You are old and weak. You will die, along with the rest of the pathetic Jedi. And I! Will be the one to do it. You are nothing!”

Obi Wan simply stares down Kylo, his gaze unfaltering. His eyes pierce through Kylo’s helmet, making the boy falter. Kylo can sense no fear or pain, only… sympathy? His voice cracks, strained with a lump in his throat. “You have chosen your path Ben, as have I. I will not be the one to stop you. Though, if you continue this path, someone WILL stop you.” Obi Wan finds the strength to close his eyes, accepting what was to come. “RRRAAAGH!” Kylo raises his saber above his head and brings it down, cleaving through the old man. Kenobi’s robes and saber fall to the ground, no body to be found.

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Kylo’s rage dies down, his saber deactivates as he watches the robes. He expects it to be a projection, perhaps a trick, but he can no longer feel the old man’s presence. He raises his hand to call the saber to him, clipping it onto his belt with a snap.

Storm in the Fire

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