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Sorry for the big post and if it is in the wrong place. First-time poster here. Go easy.

I've recently been toying with an idea for a story and wanted to share it to see what people thought and whether I should go ahead with writing it.

It's still extremely fresh and is just a baby of an idea.

My main character is called Michael Debello and I haven't worked out what he will do yet, or his plot or story.

So, here's a bit of backstory, basically what I have so far:

The Agine were an ancient people who lived a thousand years ago. They used magic (or some form of) to manipulate the world around them with their thoughts and imagination. Creating much of the world around them, and over time layers and layers of thoughts like webs forging magical creatures, spells, cities and kingdoms. Through the years Great Lords (made lords because they were great thinkers) who had incredible power and ruled these cities began squabbling. One such Lord created a Human (or Man), who didn’t have power and in secret sent him to seduce the daughter of another great Lord. He succeeded and the daughter had a child by him, diluting and mixing the race of their house. However, the offspring had created a terrible unbalanced power, one that was unpredictable. Unbeknownst to the Agines.
Man grew and quickly began forging instruments to wield this power as their thoughts were becoming less and less capable, being that their imagination didn’t work the magic as it did with the Agines, only their desire did because of how they were born out of desire and deceit (Don't know about that bit). They quickly set about creating dark powers (Doesn't have to be dark I suppose) by layering their thoughts over time and forging artifacts that wouldn't dwindle in power (Cliche?). But the biggest thing they decided to do was create a ruler to be their king and protect them from the Agines. It was a grave mistake as the ruler would be a world destroyer called the Eversor? (Dun Dun Duuuun)
Locked in a great battle of time that nearly saw the end of existence, the Agines and Man lead by the Eversor went to war. Although the Agines would ultimately lose they managed to defeat and banish the Eversor to the Nightmare Lands now a mythical place steeped in folklore.
But before they were made extinct, the most powerful house run by the most powerful lord (POWER!!), Lord Triden got together with a few lesser lords and together forged a prophecy which would be that, come the time, when and if the Eversor was to rise again that a Hero –Insert Prophecy Here– He imbued the prophecy with his own essence and blood before sealing it.
Now magic is but a whisper…

So there's the backstory.

Basically what I was thinking was that, the Agines eventually dwindled out and were replaced by man over a thousand years or so. The people in the present would think this legend and folklore, as though the Agines were an ancient race of gods or something…

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Mankind's power would slowly fizzle out, leaving only the world which was created by the Agines being the magical factor.

The world is marked with and built by magic down to the cities, places, buildings, and even creatures both good and bad that were created by both Agine and Man when they were at their strongest back in the beginning although people see the fantastical stuff as normal now.

Bit of Worldbuilding, I love a bit of worldbuilding me:


Dreamlands – A huge chunk in the south of the world, with many cities and towns etc.

People here have vivid dreams and some have dreams so vivid that they can live a second life through them.

The cities in the Dreamlands are bathed in an orange summer glow. The air is heavy and like wine to the foreigner. The water tastes sweet.

The Dreamlands are said to have belonged to a great Agine King called Illusio who built up over time cities that combined both dreams and reality, a paradise where anything could happen. But that is believed to be a myth.

The Nightmarshes –

Where the world destroyer was banished a mythical place that cannot be accessed by normal people.

Shadows here are malleable like thick fog or syrup. Full of corruption and evil it will turn anyone's minds into fragments eventually making a person mad.

Nether's End – The great divide that holds back a realm of monsters and dark powers, kind of a mystical place that isn't believed to exist as no one has been beyond it, within it is located the Nightmarshes.

Other places that just have names – Cloud City, Wraith watch, Fields of Faith, Tempus Islands…

Monster types and creatures:




And hopefully more when I think of them (which is quite hard).

Here's a bit about the magic system I've got so far:

The idea of magic in this world (Which hasn't got a name) is based around thought or imagination. The Agines used it to create places, worlds, cities, and kingdoms by layering and weaving their thoughts over time. So something as big as a city would take years and require more than one person to achieve, but that city would be pretty awesome and magical with cool stuff going on.

They created powers (or spells, but I'm not fond of that word) by doing the same, layering thoughts over years, generations even, depending on what it was, to create them.

New powers can't be created as magic is just an ember, and nobody has the power, or ability to do so.

The main character, Michael, will have an affinity for magic (You're a wizard, Harry.) he feels connected to the world that the Agines built in it’s truest form, meaning every stitch they stitched into the world Michael can access.

In time Michael can learn powers that the Agines created, specific powers that encompass specific areas. In the end, he will be able to finish off a power they were building in order to defeat the Eversor and use it himself. (Cliche?)

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Basic Fabric of the World, powers:

An increased sense: Like a spiders web, everything ripples in the air and he can feel it. If an arrow is shot at him he can move out the way of it with ease as he knows where it is exactly.

Teleport: Because the world is connected to every place having been imagined and woven. Michael can teleport to these places, cities, and kingdoms being the easiest as they are the ones with the most connections and are built on the most imagination magic. The limit is…//

Creature Control: Michael will be able to exercise some control over creatures that have been created by the ancient Agines. He won’t be able to control monsters that were thought of by the old humans during their reign of power as they are evil and are not of the Agines.

Established Powers that the ancient Agines created:

Visactus: Casts a force of energy that can be used as a shield or to push objects.

Retempus: Slow time so things became like in water. It cannot be done a lot or for long as the world pushes back, like an elastic band that is stretched.

And more which I haven't thought of…

Unfinished Powers that the Agines were in the middle of weaving to defend against the big bad guy:

Solars Tears: Small orbs like comets rain down from the heavens like a drone strike. Can banish the darkness and shadows in the nightmare realm.

Something that is crucial to the plot…mmm?

The End

I know it's a lot of samey samey fantasy stuff and much of it won't make sense, but those are my initial thoughts and I just couldn't get it out of my head unless I jotted it down.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for improvements or story elements.

If it's trash it's trash, if it's good and I should develop it then Yay

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