so i'm writing about a street gang in new york for a story. and i do my research, and most street gangs seem to be composed of black or latino men. and researching why, black people and latino people are disproportionately affected by poverty, and that leads to other ways of trying to get money. and so i made a fictional hybrid gang located in the south bronx, with mostly black and latino members.

the only problem is that i uh… understand that it's a stereotype and has the implication that black and latino men = violent. the gang members themselves are mostly calm and composed and are shown to have lives outside of gangbanging, and there are other important characters of color throughout the story (two black characters, and 1 latina character.) but i understand there's still risk involved. i don't want to change the ethnicities of the street gang, since i already have the characters established, and i hate racebending my own characters, and i hate making new characters.

does anyone have any advice? i'm careful not to offend any readers of color i might have.

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