Good day, denizens. Friendly neighborhood despot here, telling you about some changes gon' be happenin' in this here neighborhood.

In the State of the Subreddit post last week, the main order of business was our decision to poll the community on their opinions regarding restructuring the wiki resources and changing the stickied threads. To those who responded with input, rest assured that we have read every post there and summarily rejected them all.

Sticky results here

Wiki results here

But anyway, barring any eleventh hour freeping, the consensus was resounding on the matter of new stickied threads. On the wiki poll, opinions were slightly more mixed, though I didn't help matters with the Hitchhiker's Guide joke option.

Henceforth, we will be implementing a new weekly sticky thread, which will be used for general discussion (e.g., "Work sucks…" or "I got a new dog!") and simple questions. What we mean by simple questions is somewhat amorphous in the end, but essentially, if you think your question has been asked a thousand times in the past, or it's a question that can be answered with a simple Yes or No, or it's a question that largely concerns "beginner worries", this thread will be for you.

This will require a degree of engagement with the community at large insofar as they'll need to visit the thread proactively to answer questions posted there. Since nearly 90% of respondents have voted in favor of this new change, we expect that follow-through will be enthusiastic! In the interim period, the mods will, to the best of our abilities, shepherd "appropriate" posts into this new thread to get the ball rolling.

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All things willing, this new thread will appear tomorrow alongside the critique thread. Furthermore, the critique thread will double as the self-promotion thread, due to the similar nature of these types of posts. While we may be able to come up with a clever way to create three threads in the future, reddit infrastructure prevents more than two stickies at any given time, so this will make due until then.

There's not much to say about the wiki survey, other than, "We're glad to see that at least some redditors use it, and we'll try to bolster it ASAP."

Now, if you want to provide feedback or cast a vote before the new stickies are implemented, and you for some reason didn't check the State of the Subreddit thread for six days, you've still got about 17 hours to do so. Even if we don't implement a suggestion immediately, it's useful for us to know where other redditors stand and plan accordingly.

Thank you for your time, and please make sure to upvote this particular post because I'm not going to sticky it.

Edit: JK I am stickying it. Ain't nobody got time for karma. Here's the prior thread for reference.

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