Entry 51

A little warm-up bit I found out to be very useful to write. One- go for a walk. Two- Walk to the store. Three- Grab some booze, cigarettes, anything that gets the dopamine pumping in your brain. Four- Walk back to your house, pick up the phone and toss it out the window along with your T.V., laptop full of porn and any other outside forces that will keep you from writing. Fifthly and lastly, write about nature and the environment.

Not trees and animals but something about the square box you live in. Talk about the walls, the seat you're in, the smell, the carpet, your dog, your cat, the noisy neighbors and the view outside your window. Then step back, look at what you just wrote and crumble it up. Make it into a tiny little ball and then toss it into the garbage, or better yet, set it on fire.

You want to do this because you want to prove to yourself that you can write anything worth reading at any time you choose. Even if your house burnt down or nuclear missiles exploded from terrorists in your living room and destroying your writings. Point is to psyche yourself into writing at any time and anywhere without the indication that fear is always present and hopefully getting rid of procrastination in the process.

A little weed, a little beer or wine, whatever you prefer that helps spark some life in you. But if you’re not careful and if you’re not wise enough to find balance, it can also hurt your creativity. Start giving breaks in between your writings. I don’t like the advice that others give to write every day. To pry themselves open to fill the blank page with hollow words. Scribbling down three pages a day is reasonable but Bukowski says it best to give yourself time to enjoy life. There’s a reason most writers don’t get under the skins of people’s daily ration of coerced tweets and snap chats. It’s because you're not living in the moment. Not to sound like some new-ager dropping knowledge but hopefully, you catch my drift. I’m talking about compelling excerpts that take hold of your everyday person and placing them into a realm of wonderful chaos.

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Not like it’s any different from the shit people read online but giving false premise to an avid reader is like selling a book to a blind person. It just shouldn't happen.

In case you haven’t noticed I get more and more disappointed in how we use the internet. Instead of looking up things that make us word savvy, we use it to belittle people. Showing off what we have and giving impressions that peoples lives are one big catalog of a sad attempt to a humble show. Not to sound pompous or anything but I certainly don’t have much and I’m fine with that.

The Big Lebowski tells it better, and if you haven’t seen the movie well that’s unfortunate because it’s a pretty funny movie. I’m actually disappointed in myself to have had let Netflix recommended it to me. In a way, though I should be glad because if it wasn’t for Netflix I would have never watched it.

Characters in that movie deemed “The Dude” as a loser without any family, job or materialistic fantasies. I guess that’s normal for people living in the City of Angels. It certainly had some key plot points to show how being a slacker can have certain perks but also negatives. Did Lebowski care for his dismal quirks or under the radar personality? Always “taking it easy” to even some of the most absurd situations I had ever seen. Just wow.

But damn that’s good entertainment. Much like writing should be.

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