I'm working on a Text Based RPG (like a book you read but there're segments where you roll a dice to battle an enemy; but more complex).

Players will have character sheets, which they will update as they gain experience.

In short, I'm writing a book with battle segments.

This project is in a concept stage, most of what I want to do is in theory but not in practice.

I hope to one day sell a book franchise and run a infinitely expanding website.

I'm looking for writers who want to help me with this project. It's a game but there's no programming involved, just writing and an idea of logic behind the battle and experience systems (as well as other systems).

If you want to help with designing the game (the story, the game mechanics and the finer aspects of a role-playing-game, send me a message or reply to this thread.

Direct message me or post in this thread if you would like to join a discord and website where you can start work…

Ex. of theory; a boss has a move set determined by logical and chance dice rolls; open set 2, roll 1-2 move b, 3-6 move a; you then have your turn which is a selection of moves that you can junction from your character sheet, and we select whatever ability we want, using it as a command.

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