Alright a little about me, i'm just a 20 yr old who hasn't written anything yet but I have had this goal to write my own story and I just came up with this idea tonight in the past hour but I might stick with this and would love to hear some thoughts and start doing weekly chapters at the least

So thoughts on this – a simply summary of whats you would expect in my story and a beginning chapter to see what my writings like

Title: The Game of God – A New ARM

The Game of God is a story about the quest under gone by Ash, Reid and Michael. The trio would change history after 20 years in the Game of God (aka GoG). They were one of the many players everyone would know the legends about when people mentioned GoG. The Game of God was the first game to reach 1 billion players and eventually became a part of everyday life. By 2220 everyone knew the stories of the three and thousands of other players. In the year 2200 technology had the breakthrough needed to perfect full dive type like technology. How'd this happen you ask? Starting from the early 2000s technology was rapidly advancing but of course humanity could not final a real solution to simulate and control the human body to send your mind to another world. It was bullshit, or so we thought at the time. Eventually in the year 2150 a breakthrough was discovered after a spaceship was found in the depths of mars after companies expanded for mining rights all over. With this spaceship humans came into contact with a alien race that was similar to humans but whose technology was light years beyond anything we had seen at that point. Apparently mars contained a lost relic of the race in which a beacon was activated when humanity unearthed it. After contact they sent thousands to earth with pure intentions and helped humanity's technology reach a whole new level in the next few years. Now in 2200 Capsule technology was capable of letting humans spend up to 2 hours of time in a real world like environment but in reality it would only be 1 hour on earth. This was also the year of the VRMMO using capsules that would change the world with its revolutionary side effects on the real world. In GoG it was a brand new fantasy like world. Players could choose from one of 9 races and would begin in a random location starting at level 1. This was all the details the players got from the company before the release. This is where the story begins…..

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Chapter 1

This is when Reid woke up. It was the midnight release of GoG. He had made sure to be in his capsule and have everything prepared for a long session of playing. He got taco bell earlier and had just used the bathroom too. Gotta cover all the grounds ya know.

The time was 11:59 – Reid was waiting in the interface to start his adventure as he faced the countdown of the game. In one minute the game everyone had been looking forward to would start. Beta testers were banned from playing the game and as such the starting like was completely fair. The game said the starting point for every single player would be different so there was definitely going to be a luck factor from the start, these were his thoughts at the time. But all of a sudden his capsule starting sending him emergency warnings lights all over

! – Alert Alert – Critical levels detected aborting game in 10. 9.. 8..

Whats happening to me, Reid was suddenly struck with a massive headache. Time seemed to come to stop as the game continued to countdown to launch. "It was only 50 more seconds till the games started.. why is this happening to me"

but then his brain racked again and then everything seemed to come back to Reid as his brain cleared and the warning went away

Huh it had been 20 years since he seen this screen. The last thing he remembered was dying after world exploded at the end of 2220.

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(Please excuse any grammar mistakes just wrote this up lol)

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