“Dear diary, it’s been 3 months since dad has left. We are hungry if only dad would come back. He left to go find us food, we haven’t seen him since. My brother and sister are hungry I can hear them cry in their sleep. I pass the time by telling them stories of life before the apocalypse. There is someone beating on the window the kids are scared please help us. I killed it, he was going to hurt them so I killed it. I’m a monster. What is wrong with me….” I close my diary with a deep sigh. They look on at me with sorrow filled eyes.

“A-Amy,” Kimberly utters, “I’m so hungry.” She whimpers as terry lays on the floor playing with a bug. “I know, I know,” my eyes sunken and dark. we were a normal family once this is our story.

The year is 2227 and everything was fine until they came. The war changed it all, everything. My parents were protective but we needed food. First dad left, and when he didn’t return, mom followed. I am the oldest, my twin siblings Kimberly and terry are scared life before this, apocalypse was nice. Most of the people we knew are probably dead. I’ve ran out of tears to cry, it’s my job to protect these two precious pieces of life. I will do anything to protect them now.

I’m shaken out of my trance by the sound of pounding and the ground rumbling. “hide,” I command, “now.” I push them into a cabinet to give them protection. “Another air raid.” I think. The rolling goes on and on for what seems like forever.

“Are you two ok?” I ask slowly opening the cabinets to see them huddled together. They nod in response as I hear their stomachs growl. “time for bed,” I say, trying to sound cheery.” already?” they say sadly. “yep tomorrow is going to be a big day,” I take a deep breath, “were going to the surface.

I gently tuck them both into bed and kiss each of them goodnight, just like mom used too. They miss them I can tell, the good old days. I lay on the hard cold floor and hum a sweet melody, like father did. the good old days, they are gone now. When mom and dad were still here it was ok, but there gone now. They left to try to find help and food but they never came back. I lay there silent and cold when all of a sudden a noise comes from the corner. I walk over to investigate. “meow,” I hear. “Muffin?” I exclaim. “kids come here” I call. They run over happy to be up, “MUFFIN” they both cheer. Muffin Is the kitten we got the same day the twins were born. “I can’t believe she survived,” I mutter to myself. As the kids celebrate I go back and lay down, too tired to be excited. I haven’t slept in days, no months. I yawn loudly and listen to the giggles of the kids playing with muffin, maybe there is hope, maybe.

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I drift off to a deep sleep and dream, of times before the war. Our moms name is Sylvia and dads name is john. They are hardworking people, my dad was a nuclear engineer and my mother was a neurosurgeon. We were the idea of a perfect family, me my brother my sister my parents and muffin. Muffin was originally an ally cat. On our way home from the hospital when the twins were born, she ran out in front of our car where we almost hit her. I got out, against what my parents said, and tended to it. After that she stuck around, she followed me home and has always stayed. Every night she would climb up onto my windowsill, then I’d let her in and it became our tradition. Eventually the parents gave up and she became family.

I was never the most popular girl in school, was the weird nerd girl who knew everything, I was the one they cheated off of. I never had many friends, but I did have a few. My best friend and neighbor was grace; we had been friends for as long as I can remember. My other best friend, well, I always had a crush on him to be honest, was timothy white. We had been friends since we were both moved ahead to 6th grade when we were nine. We are both very smart but we both have our weaknesses, for example, he isn’t the best at history and I’m not the best at math so we tutor each other. We both are very good at science and would talk about how we dream of making the future a better place.

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“wake up wake up,” I’m shaken out of my daydream by Kimberly shaking me fiercely, “Amy there is someone at the door.”

Startled and scared I tell the kids to hide and run up the stairs. Cautiously I peer out the window to see who it is. “oh my god,” I mutter “timothy.” I quickly swing open the door and embrace him without shame. “TIMOTHY you’re ok.” I cheer. “Amy!” he yells as he embraces me back. We hold each other in our arms for a long time, “come-on I want to show you something,” I say as I lead him down the stairs. I bring the kids out and they hug then I notice my diary still laying there on the table , gently I open it and begin to write of the early experience.

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