Okay. You’ve got a great premise and you can figure out the characters as you go along. Writing is a process of discovery after all. But how to write it? No, not the language. On what? With what?

  1. Pencil and paper – the easiest choice if you want to avoid distractions and self-doubt vomit on reddit.
  2. Phone – all phones have a notepad app, and you’re better than the basic bitches who aren’t disciplined enough to use what they have.
  3. Computer – no, phone’s not working. You’re alternating between Instagram and Reddit, constantly swiping the screen down thinking you’ll find that one thing that will get you back to writing. That’s clearly working. No, a computer would be better. You’ll put on some music and start writing on your OS-included writing application. The words are what matter anyway. Hang on. Are they the only things that matter. You need to look it up real quick. Maybe you could put that into the story as a clever meta-narrative. Huh… 10 questions you need to be asking your characters. Have you been asking your characters these things? Why is your story now in separate documents? Why do you have so many folders? At this rate you’re going to need some kind of index to keep track. You’re gonna need a…
  4. Binder – Scrivener, Vellum, OneNote, Evernote, Workflowy… all of it accomplishes the same thing: make the bits of your story easier to find and organise. To pay or not to pay? Maybe you should ask on Reddit.
  5. What writing software have you found to be really helpful?
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