It's no secret that most of us have one or two tropes that makes us cringe – like, there is a lot of Romance tropes that I can't stand. But here's the thing, it's (mostly) not the tropes themselves, but the execution of them. Like, I am sure that there exists maybe one or two novels with a love triangle that doesn't make me wanna barf. It's one thing to simply avoid the trope, but it is another to get it right.

That being said, here is what I ask of you: Tell us your worst Trope, perhaps elaborate a little on why that is, and then explain how you would 'get it right'.

I'll start…

LOVE TRIANGLES!!! If you haven't guessed it already, I'm not a fan of that particular trope. Why? Because I often feel that it is a subplot that's just tacked on, that has neither depth or contribution. Like, you can boil it down to "Is she gonna pick Man-meat no. 1 or man-meat no. 2?" and I'd be at the end of the story, feeling like the girl could have picked the other boy and I'd still be wondering if choosing the other one would've changed my emotional investment. Sort of like choosing an airplane dish – the chicken sucks, but you know the beef would have sucked, too. Come to think of it, it's exactly like that.

The point is, you never feel like you missed out on something. And therein lies how to get the Love Triangle right…

I love fantasy games, so I am gonna pull on a personal favorite of mine: The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt. Now here we have a Love Triangle that is essentially what I want. We have our protagonist, Geralt of Rivia – cool, stoic dude with supersenses, two awesome swords on his back and more game with the ladies than what Yours Truly will ever get.

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And what of the ladies?

First we have Yennefer – a woman best described as 'Hell in high heels'. Passionate, adventurous and has a talent of getting into trouble. She lives for the thrill and tends to drag Geralt along. Being with her, is essentially Geralt's already adventurous life turned up to eleven. It will be a lifetime of adventure.

Second is Triss – a shrewd woman with a soft heart. Calm, patient and tenderhearted. Perhaps not the complete antithesis to Yenner, but Triss does take pleasure in the smaller things in life. Like, she would have one great adventure every year, then go home, curl up with a good book and call it a day. Being with her, is essentially what comes after a lifetime's worth of adventure. It will be the closing of the final chapter and read the epilogue.

What I'm getting at, is that these lovely ladies each represent a life choice: the never ending adventure or getting to enjoy the 'happily ever after'? A choice I was torn between, where I choose and am still left pondering what if. I want a Love Triangle where the choice matters and reflects what the protagonist want in life.

And that's how you get a Love Triangle right.

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