Hi, I have two loaded queries!

  1. I have a small dilemma in that I'm unsure if I should post something I've written onto Watt-pad.

I know its a website where people post a lot of fan-fiction, but many writers on there have landed some amazing book-deals and even had their work turned into entire films. They also have a stars programme where a selection of the very best writers get paid.

Seeing how Wattpad hosts such a broad spectrum of writers from absolute cringe to some of the best writing I've ever read, what's your opinion to posting on there as opposed to Medium? (lol is medium any good?)

Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

  1. Part of this dilemma is that I'll be applying for my Masters in the next fortnight or so and I would also like to use the same work I'm posting in my portfolio application.

While the guidelines don't say anything against 'previously published or posted work' it's a small fear they may not accept it due to it existing somewhere else like Wattpad or as opposed to VQR or another reputable publication I'm not yet quite experienced enough to send work to.

Thoughts and advice sorely needed. Thanks in advance!

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