The name of these creatures are "Fenris" they are wolves that managed to harness magical energy and learned to shape shift, the first wolf to master this gave himself the name Fenrir, he went on to teach other wolves how to manipulate their bodies and shape shift, they started to refer to themselves as Fenris in honor of the first Wolf to do this. hundred of years later the story of Fenrir has been warped and the Fenris mistake Fenrir for a God.

while in wolf form they are the same size as any average wolf but in human form a Fenris would be lucky to reach a 6 foot height. sporting tails and their wolf ears in human form, things they cannot change though they are easy to spot but most people and other races try not to trifle with them. not out of respect but out of fear or just not wanting to deal with them.

  • Slightly stronger than an average human
  • Keen sense of smell and hearing
  • naturally have more endurance
  • natural fighters and warrior so much so they are seen as mercenaries and are hired for jobs
  • Prideful so much so they believe themselves to be superior to most other races
  • Most have short fuse tempers, have no problem killing some one on the spot
  • Thicker bone structure allows them to take a lot of abuse but also throw their weight around without having to worry about a bone breaking
  • strong Immune systems
  • Tolerate of colder temps, most Fenris prefer colder or temperate climates, they can live in hot temps but will most likely bitch about it
  • Longer life spans (up to how long i have not decided yet)
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while they have many advantages compared to a normal human they also have their share of weakness

  • same weakness's as any other human being (joints, ligament, ears, eyes, vital organs
  • being stabbed by sword or pierced by bullets hurt them, while they are more resilient to damage they will still die if a vital organ is hit or not healed by magic in a quick amount of time
  • their heightend hearing and smell can be used against them (very loud noises hurt, bad smells to humans is 10x worse for a Fenris.
  • Pride, there pride can get them killed, they can be tricked

Normally i would make a separate post for this but since these 2 are connected, here is a variant of the Fenris

Mostly because this is what one of my main character's is

"Canis" is a half breed between a Fenris and a Human, the Fenris are so prideful that they feel that the half-breed is below them and that the Fenris who mothered or fathered these abominations are no better, Canis is actually a derogatory name/ term that the Fenris use to distance themselves and that they feel the half-breed are no longer wolves blessed by Fenrir, just worthless dogs. these half-breeds have no shape shifting ability, some are born with tails others are not. placement of ears is the same place as a human, skin-feel same as any other human except the shape of the ear is more canine like. Disliked by Humans and the Fenris with only certain people ever showing them compassion. Canis usually end up living a short miserable life

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  • Strength is less than a Fenris but more than a Human, some case its a negligible difference
  • a Fenris hearing and smell is 10x better than a human, a Canis is only 5x better
  • Canis inherit the strong bone structure, making them just as hardy as their full-breed counterparts
  • Longer life span, maximum lifespan is unknown since most die before they ever hit 30 years old
  • strong immune system

they have the same weakness's as any Human or Fenris

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