Was just replying on a thread on here about understanding a characters personality and traits and thought I’d share my comment incase it can help anyone else out !

My comment was : “I don’t know if this is much help, but when I’m struggling aligning my characters , I go to that 16 personalities quiz ( type it in in google ) which is based on the myerrs Briggs personality test. Then I get in the mindset of my character and answer all the questions as they would answer . It gives you a pretty extensive run through of their personality type’s behaviours in romantic / work/ home/ general life. I recently ran one of my characters through. He too is logical and fact driven although not ocd. His personality result came out and I read the relationship section , and I realised he wasn’t behaving how his type roughly would . So I changed it a bit to be more aligned with his personality and it flows so much better. I only tried this because I did the MB test personally and my type was SO relevant to me i found it really insightful to my own life. “

I hope this is helpful to someone 🙂

Source: reddit post

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