I've been there. You want to start being a writer but you just don't know where to start or what to write about. Well, from my own experience, I have come up with the best advice for people who want to start being writers! (I apologize if this advice has been posted here before or if I am repeating information)

  1. Stop reading through this subreddit and get to writing: I know, this is a great place to start getting ideas and learn techniques from professional writers! This place is full of information to help you get started. But, the only way to start becoming a writer is to write! So, stop scrolling this subreddit and get to writing! Even if you don't know what to write about, at least you are thinking about it and soon you will come up with an idea that you can start writing about.

  1. Come up with a simple, basic idea: I understand that this is the most basic advice you can receive, but coming up with your idea is the most fundamental part of any writing. Think of any idea, even if it is as simple as one conflict. Then, build off of that one simple idea and soon you will have your characters and setting. Even with just a conflict you now have an idea to build off of. You can come up with how does that conflict occur and who is involved. Just by doing that you have a basic rising action to your plot and characters.

  1. Don't worry about formatting of any kind! Just write: Don't stress yourself out by looking too far ahead. Don't worry about finding the best page size or font! Just pull up whatever software you use or get a sheet of paper and a pencil and just write! All the margins and the page size and font can come later, just start writing! Along with that, don't worry about grammar, strong vocabulary, word count, and dialogue formatting just yet! Once you finish your first draft, you can fix those issues later, although I recommend trying your best to do them as you write, but any mistakes you can fix later! Another thing that I stressed about as an early writer was finding out how I was going to get my book published. If this is you, don't worry about it! You are months or even years away from that step. All you have to do is keep writing.
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  1. Find your own writing process: All throughout this subreddit you find people explaining their writing process, which is a great help, but use that to come up with your own! Figure out what works best for you, weather that is plotting out your book or just writing out a few sentences to see where it goes, find out what works for you. Reading the process of successful writers may be helpful but for you to be truly successful you need to come up with your own way of doing things because copying what other writers did may not work out the best for you. (Unless you find out that your process is similar or the same to another great writer, that is a different story.) I know that I personally like to listen to music while I write because that helps me come up with better ideas for my stories, but that might not work for you!

  1. Figure out your own writers voice: If your a writer, you are most likely a reader. So, you have probably read many books by now and have a favorite author. You probably like the way that author writes their stories, but don't use that style! This goes hand in hand with number four because along with coming up with your own writing process, you need your own voice! Don't write you stories the way another author does because then your book will sound just like they wrote it and it is best for your story to stand out from the rest. All you have to do is write out a few sentences to see what your writing voice sounds like and to just keep writing that way because that will make your books stand out from the other authors.
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  1. Finally, just sit down and write: Now, you are ready to begin to write! Just find a good time to sit down and start writing out your idea. Don't get all fancy and try to figure out everything two steps ahead of yourself. All you have to do is find a free time and begin to write.

Well, I hope my advice helped you as a new writer and I apologize again if someone has already posted some of this advice on this subreddit. I hope all you new writers got something out of this post and are beginning your writing journey!

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