These concepts are different versions of the same world and characters, but different plots. Plot 1 is an earlier version that I actually thought was good, but along the way, I came up with the unsatisfying result out of the ending. Plot 2 is the current version I'm working with and came up with issue how to create defined goal while maintaining a variety of sub-plots. I came back to these because I rather have outside opinions help me decide on which of these I should pursue so I can either continue or rebuild the other plot. If you come up with solutions suggestions feel free to post cause at this point anything helps.

Plot 1: This tale takes place in a world full of magic and diversity and it follows acts of the infamous grim knight a title labeling the person in question a criminal, murderer, and the legend of a metal face full of wrath. Who is this person? A demi-human wolf beast named Victor Carmine, a boy who witnessed what appeared to be the death of his father by his older brother at age 10. Since then the boy has become a wanderer of the world as he pursues his brother who has joined an antagonistic group called the scholars. Victor spends 9 years without a single lead until one day he meets a girl who has accidentally acquired only details of items they require for a mission and that time of meeting with the girl Victor is able to come up with a plan, to plunder every item he can grantee the scholars will want by any means necessary. Now the only thing standing directly in his way is the influence of his new found friends and the world around conflicting with his convictions that keep him going for his goal whatever the cost, but even if he is able to execute his plan even he doesn't know what he'll do when he finally accomplishes the daunting task of reuniting with his brother.

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Plot 2: This one follows a different version of Victor Carmine a bounty hunter who believes he has nothing to live for as he has outlined his on lifetime by 60 years only continuing as the death he wants involves him going down fighting. When he is met with Tanya a newly awakened saint, so for the hell of it and having nothing better to do victor and Tanya go from bounty to bounty encountering a variety of cultures and people as he tries to make the best of the rest his gloomy reality by helping a younger mage become a bounty hunter as well.

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