Hello r/writing!

I’m a middle school teacher who is creating a class that is unique and I could use your help.

My whole career I have bemoaned student apathy and the perceived irrelevance of the typical class in middle school. I see students leaving for high school with no interests, passions, projects, or accomplishments of any type. To fight this, I am making a class that will let students choose what type of creator they become and giving them the support, time, and space to develop their creative side. I’ll leave out the long details but I am halfway to pulling this off.

One of the creator types they can choose is “Wordsmith.” I like how it encompasses poets/authors and implies crafting and fashioning sentences/paragraphs/etc.

I have a couple of example projects that get them moving in the lower grades. I am now trying to develop the next steps in becoming a wordsmith.

My science background is limited. I could use your insights on the important processes, skills, and beginner resources that would help a budding wordsmith. These kids have access and are learning how to use 3D printers, CNC routers, vinyl cutters, a laser cutter, general tools (scroll saws, general hand and power tools). The vinyl cutters and laser engraver are especially popular for young writers. They are so excited to develop into unique creators! I need resources and support for them, as most kids eventually ask me “What do I do next?”

Onward to how you can help.

How would you divide “Wordsmith” into a few subdomains?

What are the basic principles or guidelines that a middle school student could follow? I will need to research and teach them how to follow this.

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What advice would you give a kid who wants to be a wordsmith?

General beginner project ideas welcome as well.

Thank you r/writing for your help.

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