So about a month ago now I wrapped up my first proper short story, ("proper" meaning that this is the first one I actually took the time to rewrite, edit, and proofread a great deal). The story takes place in a medieval setting, though it lacks any elements that would firmly place it into the realm of fantasy, and is designed to be comedic. I signed up for a free trial month at Duotrope and did a search for publications accepting stories in the Fantasy genre, in a Humorous style, and only came up with a few results. I submitted the story to a couple publications there, receiving rejections from both—not incredibly surprised, but… with those two, I really don't see any other publications that I could even send this to.

As I said before, my story has a medieval setting, but it doesn't have any proper fantasy elements to it—there are no dragons, wizards, goblins, etc. There would be no point in having these things in the story, and I'm certainly not going to go back and turn a character into an Elf or change a horse into a dragon just so I can call it fantasy. However, what would I even classify my story as, then, and is there even anyone who would want it?

Then there's the fact that the entire point of my story is to be humorous. I'm not trying to tell some deep, heartfelt tale that is a commentary on some social issue; I'm just hoping to entertain people. And here lies another potential problem, because so many publications I've taken a look at only or primarily want these stories which give a unique perspective on life and whatnot, as opposed to something which has the sole objective of being funny.

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With all this in mind, I feel a little trapped in regards to this story. Are there even any markets for a not-fantasy comedic story?

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