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This thread is the hub for all questions unanswered by the FAQs and too short for individual threads. If you want input on naming structures, trope usage, writer motivation, genre conventions, technical writing advice on grammar or punctuation, or any other sort of question that can get a quick and definitive answer, this thread is for you. If you are a newbie writer trying to learn the ropes, and you just have to get some pressing question off your chest, post it here. And if you think you can help someone else with their own question, don't hesitate to do so—that's what a writing community is for!

This is also the meeting place for "off-topic" conversation that might not directly concern writing but is still nice to share. Did anything interesting happen this week? Anything sad? Read any good books you want to mention? Hear a good joke? Almost anything goes with general discussion, so long as it's respectable and polite.

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