Meaning the bomb came from someone either within Donetsk, or within Lughansk or even the Kremlin itself?

It’s been presented this way, but I can’t see what advantage there would be in killing the only person from the Donbas republics who actually became the face of them. When you think of one person to associate with these rebel states, it was Zak. Now it is no one, so if it was an internal power play, his buddies probably had more influence under his regime than under their own where they will be faceless puppets of Moscow (not that Zak wasn’t a puppet, but he at least pretended not to be)

I just see far more strategic advantage from the other side, the Ukrainian side, to lopping off the rebels leader and most recognizable face. Certainly there is more of an advantage to Ukraine to have committed this murder, rather than for internal or Moscow reasons

However it’s always possible someone wanted the limelight and thought they could be a better leader of the republic; or its possible that Zak’s profile was outgrowing the puppet functionary that Moscow envisioned, so I don’t want to dismiss either of those theories either

Source: reddit post

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